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Recrutement - Post-doc LabEx CheMISyst

Janvier 2019

18-Months postdoctoral postition supported by the LabEx CheMISyst

"Selective sorption of mixed solvents in ligno-cellulosic substrates"

The post-doctoral research program, under the supervision of Francesco Di Renzo in Institut Charles Gerhardt (ICGM) and Nicolas Le Moigne in IMT Mines Alès, will be focused on the development of experimental methodologies that will allow to analyse selective sorption processes (DVS Thermogravimetric analysis, swelling measurements by microscopy) in relation with viscoelastic behaviour (Dynamic Mechanical Analysis) of wood substrates in the presence of mixed solvents and will exploit earlier advances already supported by LabEx ChemiSyst (Wood Sci. Technol. 2018, 52, 987). Model wood materials with various biochemical compositions as well as pure substrates will be selected to better depict the contribution of microstructural features and different biopolymers, i.e. cellulose, lignin and hemicelluloses.

Experimental activities will be carried out at ICGM in Montpellier and IMT Mines Alès. The candidate is expected to deal with handling of wood specimens, the characterisation of their behaviour under solvent treatments and the modelisation of the underlying physico-chemical interactions and mechanical response. Eligible candidates should present either a PhD or a first postdoc with accepted papers related to the field of the proposed research topic. Previous international experience or activity in network of laboratories will be highly appreciated.

Contacts : Francesco Di Renzo (direnzo@enscm.fr, +33 607508148)
Nicolas Le Moigne (nicolas.le-moigne@mines-ales.fr, +33 466785302)

Téléchargement : Postdoctoral position