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The meeting will feature 14 plenary conferences, 18 oral communications and 6 hours poster sessions.

Invited speakers are:

Philippe Barthélemy,
University Of Bordeaux Segalen, France
Title of his lecture : "Making hybrid amphiphiles; supramolecular systems and using them for biomedical applications"
Cynthia J. Burrows University of Utah, USA
Title of his lecture : " Single-molecule studies of G-quadruplex folding and assembly in a yoctoliter protein cavity "
Debora Berti, University Of Florence, Italy
Title of his lecture : " Smart Lipids Assemblies for Programmable Nanomaterials: structure at the nanoscale and interaction with membrane models "
Luca Bertinetti, Max Planck Institute – Potsdam, Germany
Title of his lecture : "Force balance in swelling and deswelling of wood with humidity"
Serge Van Calenbergh, University of Ghent, Belgium
Title of his lecture : " Modulating the capacity of æ-GalCer to glue iNKT cells to CD1d by synthetic modifications of its sugar part "
Stephen Kent, University of Chicago, USA
Title of his lecture : " Design of a Chemically Synthesized D‐Protein Antagonist of VEGF‐A: X‐ray Structure of a Heterochiral Protein Complex by Racemic Crystallography "
Monica Olvera de la Cruz, Mc Cormick Northwestern University, USA
Title of his lecture : "Electrostatic self-assembly of biomolecules"
Sijbren Otto, University Of Groningen, The Netherlands
Title of his lecture : " Systems Chemistry: Self-Replication and Self-Synthesizing Materials Driven by Peptide Self-Assembly "
Ned A. Porter, Vanderbilt University Medical School, USA
Title of his lecture : " Sterols, Free Radicals and Oxidative Stress "
Ronald T. Raines, University Of Wisconsin-Madison, USA
Title of his lecture : " Self-Assembly of Synthetic Collagen: Stronger and Longer "
Antoni Riera, University of Barcelona, Spain
Title of his lecture : " Syntheses and Structure of New Somatostatin Analogues. Fine tuning the non-covalent interactions between aromatic residues "
Helma Wennemers, ETH Zürich, Switzerland
Title of his lecture : " Proline-rich Peptides – Versatile Platforms for Selective Intermolecular Interactions "
Andrei Yudin, University Of Toronto, Canada
Title of his lecture : " Advances in Peptide Macrocyclization "
Balard Chemistry Conferences
October 12th - 15th, 2014
Presqu'ile du Ponant La Grande Motte

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