COST CM1101 et LabEx CheMISyst 2015 Spring workshop imprimer

"Advances in Systems Chemistry Driving Forces"

Du lundi 23 mars à 14h au  jeudi 26 mars 2015 à 12h - A l'ICSM (Marcoule, Gard).

Organisation :
réseau COST CM1101 (groupes de travail 2-4-5) et LabEx CheMISyst du Pôle chimie Balard.

2 grandes thématiques au programme de ce meeting :

A) COST-Elsevier sessions : Depletion Forces from practice to theory

(Peter Kralchevsky and Thomas Zemb. Current Opinion for Colloids and interface science, special issue devoted to all aspects of depletion forces with an introductory conference by Daniel Harries (COST-Haifa). These sessions will be devoted to a Faraday-type discussion by all authors of papers appearing in COCIS first special issue 2015.

B) Thermodynamics and kinetics of self-assembly and phase transfer

(Francesco di Renzo, Régine von Klitzing, Ger Koper and Thomas Zemb.

Three introductory invited lectures from :
  • Non-equilibrium thermodynamics of molecular self-assembly (Ger Koper - Delft)
  • Thermodynamics of phase transfer and extraction (Ken Dill - UCLA, if available)
  • Osmotic pressure as driving force for colloidal self-assembly (Francesco Di Renzo - Montpellier)
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Responsable scientifique : Thomas Zemb
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