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Rencontres Balard 2018 - Balard Conferences 2018

« Molecular Sociology »: Understanding and controlling chemical systems for chemistry of the future

June 18th - 21th 2018, Montpellier

In this third edition, sponsored by Prof. Jean-Marie LEHN, professor at Collège de France, emphasis will be given to the role that chemistry will hold in dealing with the rapid increase of global population. Indeed, with most inhabitants living in cities and the wishes to improve life conditions, the demand of related resources (energy, chemicals/ pharmaceuticals, transport, building materials and water) will grow in the near future. This imposes to the chemist to consider several main challenges: i) energy and its vectors; ii) valorisation and optimal usage of natural resources and sustainable processes; iii) health and the protection of mankind. The development of innovative and operational chemical systems integrating dedicated and adaptive functions which address these challenges, is paramount to the sustainable development of chemical activities in the years to come.

Conceiving and building such revolutionary chemical systems relies on a holistic approach called “Molecular Sociology”, namely, controlling and understanding how a set of molecules or supramolecules interact (communicate and collectively behave) at the micro and meso-scales as to create complex and adaptive systems with properties that far exceed those of the individual components. The roadmap to innovative materials and smart systems for a truly sustainable world is paved by scientific and technological objectives.

These meetings are intended to bring academics and businesses together around the future of chemistry, and to provide this community which ranges from students to international experts, with an opportunity for in-depth exchanges about the progress of research in this area. A special emphasis will be put on the future of the teaching of chemistry in order to face these challenges. To sum-up, this third edition of Balard conference will address the question: how should chemistry evolve in the next 15 years toward the next challenges?

4 thematic sessions:

  1. New combinations and applications of chemical systems
  2. Toward intelligent chemical systems
  3. Toward optimization of yields and processes
  4. Systems for separation and recycling
Balard Chemistry Conferences
June 18th - 21th, 2018
ENSCM - Montpellier

Deadline registration : June, 1st, 2018